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rottenframes said: Your work is insane, I am so jealous, it's crazy unique, I can't seem to find my own style at all. Did you do a degree in illustration?

Thank you, that’s super nice of you to say. I feel like ‘finding a style’ is a life-long thing. I think being versatile is really helpful within Illustration. I AM doing a degree in Illustration. I’m going to Uni in London right now.

Happy 30th, ghostbusters.



Body Shot - fude pen

Guest Artist:
"Sushi is my boo" by McKay​ Felt
Have any of you felt like this guy? This is how we feel aboutMcKay’s work (and sushi). Traditional or Digital, McKay’s illustrations are elegant and sophisticated. A Feast for the Eyes.
Check out more of McKay​ Felt’s work in his Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. 
Thank you McKay.

I was asked to do an illustration for daily sushi & it was sooo fun. Honestly tho. Not one bit of kid around here.
This was the whole commission. Sending it away tomorrow <3
///Boresville scribbling from a rando photo on the tinterwebs///
me yesterday
✨Finished this Haku commission✨
Sk8 oR CrY
Commission work 👹
My friend, Alfie, chillin’ way hard. This scene was too good not to draw.

ashbarakarth said: How much are commissions that under the size of an A4 paper

It depends on the image and what medium you want it done in. Feel free to email me if you have more in-depth Q’z about a commission you had in mind.

I went to go get my comic printed today. Fingers crossed it comes out okay. I’m making only 5 copies and I have 2 left that aren’t spoken for. I’m selling them each for £20 (shipping included) since they’re so limited. So two people can claim them here! I’ll include a little personal drawing for those beautiful humans that choose to support the craft.