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Drawing, duh
I’m making a few hand-drawn app icons for e’erybody’s phone. This is my initial idea for FB
Been on a dry spell lately so I doodled Finn & Jake to try and bust me out of it. 
Fitting Room problems.
I made this for fun. 
Drawin me boo while she’s away in Japan visiting family.
Robot Arm
"Let’s rest a bit, Navi chan…"
(also I used Link’s Twilight Princess threads cos I like them a bit more…)
I finished this last week but I’ll give in and show it all now. You have to see it IRL if you’re in London. Canvas is 1 meter x 1 meter. “Over Stimulation”
Close up of a little bit of dat ting
Working on the piece for the Urban Outfitters in shepherd’s bush. Also making a process video too. Funziez.
A sketch of this crazy old dude I stood by on the tube last night.
The image I did for Flying Lotus, Thundercat and Captain Murphy’s European Tour. Had tons of fun working on this. 
Just drew this kid with a sword and rabbit ear’d backpack….wtvr, right?