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I drew wolvy ages ago to color him but I never got around to it so ehhhhhh.
Sorry bout posting another self portrait BUT THIS ONE. This one.
Figure study from an unknown photographer.

Since Fire Emblem’s birth on the Famicom (NES) in 1990 it has been recognized for its innovation and unique qualities like its large cast of deeply developed characters and permanent unit deaths. After Super Smash Bros. Melee it made its first appearance outside of Japan in 2003.  So whether you’ve just joined the love with the most recent title (Fire Emblem: Awakening) or if you’ve been there from the beginning~ I invite you to show that warm cozy feeling you have swaddled in your bosom that you care <3. Most mediums will be accepted for consideration  (e.g. illustrations, comics, poetry…) and anyone who has a love of art and this VG series is encouraged to join in!
Please send submissions to: fireemblemzine at gmail dot com // with the subject line: “FEZ SUBMISSION”. 
-5.8 x 8.3 inches (A5 international paper size)
-300 DPI, CMYK
-A .png, flattened .psd, high quality .jpeg (please don’t send an overly large file) or a .doc file 
-Include your name and 1 or 2 website links for the credits. 
(comic and text submissions are limited to one page)
Use the ask thing or send me an email if you have questions or just want to gush about this hella rad game series.
Submission deadline is NOVEMBER 20, 2014
~if enough people get involved/dig it then we can make a physical copy available for purchase~ 
(no profit will be made from this project)
-luv you guys-

GUYS, I’m doing this. Open call for submissions // Reblog and spread the word~
Just sent this painting off in the post for the show. It’s in SLC, UT at Fice Gallery on the 19th of September. From 6-9pm. I’ll also be showing with: Chuck Landvatter, Trent Call, Clay Cavender, David Habben and a couple others dudes so it’ll be ace cakes.

I listened to a bunch of records all day and drew stuff.

Feels good to draw tonight. //wip shot//

skuddly-art said: Hey man, could I ask what kind of ink you use in your Kuretake? I've got a no. 50 and the cartridges aren't very black so I got noodler's bulletproof but that tends to be a bit weak too.

image These are my brush and the ink cartridges I use. I get them from an art shop called Kawachi in Japan soo I’m not positive where to get them from internet :/ Sorry, dude. Alternatively for pen & ink stuff I usually use Windsor & Newton Black Indian Ink.

go-insanne said: Your art is crazy good!! I'm taking an illustration class and you're on the top of my 'Inspiration List' Love love love your work!

Thank you, that’s super nice of you <3 Good luck with your course work!

This is my wifey.
Another one of the main characters from the comic I&#8217;m working on 
This cat won’t stop looking at me
b o y
This is one of the main characters to the comic I just got finished writing.