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skuddly-art said: Hey man, could I ask what kind of ink you use in your Kuretake? I've got a no. 50 and the cartridges aren't very black so I got noodler's bulletproof but that tends to be a bit weak too.

image These are my brush and the ink cartridges I use. I get them from an art shop called Kawachi in Japan soo I’m not positive where to get them from internet :/ Sorry, dude. Alternatively for pen & ink stuff I usually use Windsor & Newton Black Indian Ink.

go-insanne said: Your art is crazy good!! I'm taking an illustration class and you're on the top of my 'Inspiration List' Love love love your work!

Thank you, that’s super nice of you <3 Good luck with your course work!

This is my wifey.
Another one of the main characters from the comic I&#8217;m working on 
This cat won’t stop looking at me
b o y
This is one of the main characters to the comic I just got finished writing.
I dewdl’d me up some San
I drew this for booooooom ‘s “drawing on the past” project. This is my bff
I coloured this old thing tonight. 4 FANN. 💀✨✌️✨💀

rottenframes said: Your work is insane, I am so jealous, it's crazy unique, I can't seem to find my own style at all. Did you do a degree in illustration?

Thank you, that’s super nice of you to say. I feel like ‘finding a style’ is a life-long thing. I think being versatile is really helpful within Illustration. I AM doing a degree in Illustration. I’m going to Uni in London right now.

Happy 30th, ghostbusters.



Body Shot - fude pen